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From: Francis James Franklin (
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 05:58:05 EDT

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    On Sunday, August 10, 2003, at 02:53 AM, ericzen wrote:

    > On 2003.08.09 20:25 Mike wrote:
    >> This probably needs some clarification in the docs.
    >> IMHO - there should be some sort of warning to the effect that if you
    >> use the option in *-plugins, something similar should be in the
    >> abiword
    >> binary
    >> there is an option in abi of --with-builtin-plugins
    >> trying not to be dense here, but I would see the two options combined
    >> as
    >> being either
    >> a - a selection of plugins is built into the binary, and others can be
    >> compiled and called
    >> b - abi will call extra plugins when required (if compiled and
    >> installed)
    >> neither of which is the current effect
    > This is where Frank comes in. He has intended to uploaded
    > documentation in reference to this issue, but I'm unaware if he had
    > time.

    See "NOTE: Built-In Plugins" in abiword-plugins/README - it's just a
    brief note. I will document the option (and/or remove it temporarily if
    people prefer) in abi/docs/build sometime soon.

    The built-in plugins build process is counter-intuitive and a serious
    pain, though I do have an idea for how to improve it.

    I don't really recommend mixing built-in plugins with loadable plugins,
    though it should be possible.

    Question: Why is it that whenever I add a configure --enable- option
    and mark it "experimental", people feel compelled to try it out?

    Bemused, Frank

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