AbiWord Weekly News #141 (2003, week 17) released

From: E . A . Zen (ericzen@ez-net.com)
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 02:26:38 EDT

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    Issue #141 has been released.

    Layfolk here: http://www.abisource.com/news
    Community reporters here: http://www.abisource.com/information/news/2003/awn141.phtml

    This week in development

          I hope you like staring at pictures this week because there's a good and plenty lot of them. Not only has the Support AbiWord button changed, but some mighty fun niftiness has also kicked up. We've got a visual lock on the first reported appearance of Abiword on AIX. Also, your favourite bug graph returns (not in the AWN, of course). On top of that, libwpd, the WordPerfect module for the Open Source office utilities, has its own collection to show off. Speaking of Open Source office utilities, a new one is headed to Mac OS X, and our own Seth Delackner (not really ours, he's more of a rental), is quite pleased to announce the public beta of AbiConvert and his employers nifty word processor (ooh, competition), the Nisus Writer Express.

    Have a wing-dingy day,
    E. A. Zen (really!)

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