Abiword as test of Wine

From: Dan Kegel (dank@kegel.com)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 03:11:14 EDT

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    Every so often, I try installing Abiword's windows version on Wine.
    The install runs smoothly now, but there's still a font problem.
    In particular, if you try to type two lines of text, the second
    line ends up nearly on top of the first one.

    Could some kind soul who understands Abiword's renderer
    have a look and see if they can guess which Win32 API
    function Wine is botching? It'd be ideal to have a tiny test app
    showing the rendering problem, if possible.

    I'd futz with it myself but am out of hacking time (job and
    upcoming baby, and wrist trouble, all get in the way).
    - Dan

    Dan Kegel

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