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Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 16:14:32 EDT

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    Benjamin wrote:
    > I realize this, but since no one else is working on it right now
    > somebody is better than nobody. Also I am a disabled veteran and I have
    > lots of time.
    > Ben Huot
    > Peasant-Scholar
    Everyone starts out as a beginer once. It sounds like you have the
    drive to get involved. Good.

    For C++, I liked:
    'Thinking in C++' by Bruce Eckel

    I'm not up on Objective C but Apple has some great examples. There is
    also some Cocoa programing books from Oreiley that you might want to
    check out. Since the programming apps are now free from Apple
    (download the developers disk if you haven't already or buy them if
    you are on a slow connection), taking a stab at things is pretty easy
    and low investment.

    The other thing I would recomend is start reading the code. Abiword
    has been built to be cross-platform since the begining so what you
    will need to do is find out which classes have to be implemented in
    your native environment (in this case cocoa so that the app will work).

    I think Hub has doen some of the cocoa stuff already but I'm not sure
    how much you need to add to even get a runable app. But you can never
    start any sooner than you start so ...

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Best of luck to you.

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