Re: win32 keyboard handler

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 09:35:00 EDT

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    En/na Tomas Frydrych ha escrit:
    > The win32 keyboard handler seems rather broken, it only handles
    > keyboard shortcuts made of Ctrl+letter. I does not allow any
    > shortcuts using Alt, including Alt+Ctrl, and it does not allow any
    > shortucts formed Ctrl+symbol/number. This means that many of our
    > default bindings do not work.
    > There might be good reasons for leaving the handling of keys modified
    > with Alt alone to the system, but we really need to be processing the
    > Alt+Ctrl combinations, and need to be able to use not only letters
    > but also symbols and numbers with both Ctrl and Alt+Ctrl -- many of
    > these are standard Word shortcuts.
    > Tomas

    I'm extremelly busy right now. Please, can you open a bug in Bugzilla and
    assign it to me? Thanks,


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