Re: RFC: keyboard bindings for bidi direction markers

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 10:29:16 EDT

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     --- Tomas Frydrych <>
    wrote: >
    > Hi Alan,
    > > > In order to provide bidi users with an easy way
    > > > to override the Unicode bidi algorithm (and to
    > > > fix bug 2742), I am going to implement support
    > > > for the Unicode direction markers (LRM and
    > >
    > > What does msword or wordperfect use for this
    > > feature (if at all)?
    > I do not think that Word provides any such a thing,
    > but then Word does not use the Unicode bidi
    > algorithm; it makes all neutral characters strong by
    > using the langauge associated with present keyboard
    > layout as implicit override, which eliminates the
    > need for these markers.

    What do you mean by weak vs. strong characters?
    Do you mean to say there is more than one way that
    files can save a "(" character depending on its
    directionality and/or strength?
    Can you tell me how they are saved in a .doc file
    roughly and an RTF file which is also 100% round-
    trippable AFAIK in MS Word.

    In fact I wonder if you could attach sample documents
    here? I'd do it myself but can't with this current

    Thanks. Andrew.

    > Tomas


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