Re: Re: win32 keyboard handler

Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 04:14:37 EDT

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    Paul Rohr wrote:

    > Yep, those bindings used to work with the old/complex/low-level
    > mechanism.
    > When Jeff originally wrote that code, he focused more on being able to
    > get all the complex keybindings he wanted to trap, and after much
    > gnashing of teeth over Win32 keyboard APIs that were broken at a number
    > of different levels on different OS flavors, he went ahead and rolled
    > his own
    > very-low-level stuff.
    > I do remember discussing ALT+keypad with him, and he had a solution in
    > mind, but it never got implemented. I'm not surprised to hear that it
    > interfered with some input methods, though -- Jeff didn't design for
    > that.
    > Not that any of this information helps you now that we've switched
    > mechanisms -- Jordi will take care of things now -- but it brought back
    > old memories.
    > Paul
    > PS: Next time you run across long comments written by Jeff, I'd
    > recommend reading them more closely. He's one of the most talented
    > developers I've ever met.

    Yes indeed! I've been following his work through the PieceTable code.
    Extremely Impressive stuff.



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