Re[2]: Help with MSYS based Windows building

From: Sinitsyn Valentine (
Date: Sat Apr 12 2003 - 03:51:03 EDT

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    >>DB> Am I misconfigured or is this a MSYS buglet?
    >>If you are using Win2k/WinXP this probably means that you don't have
    >>enough permissions to N:\abi\abi\src directory. If mkdir also fails, it is
    >>not likely to be abiword-specific problem.

    DB> Win98.

    N: is a network or a local drive? Are you able to create a folder
    N:\abi\abi\src\MINGW32_1.0.8_i386_OBJ\obj\expat using Windows
    Explorer? Are there enough space, at least? (100Mb+)


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