Re: RFC: keyboard bindings for bidi direction markers

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 19:05:44 EDT

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    This is fine with me. It'd be cool if you also made
    Ctrl+<> increase or decrease the font size by 1 or 2
    points at the same time.

    Unfortunately, GTK+ 2.0 and 2.2 don't expose the
    "Insert Unicode Control Character" menu that its
    GtkEntry and GtkTextView support in the right-click
    menu, which is essentially the same as what you are
    doing. Jody from Gnumeric and I have filed a bug in
    Gnome's bugzilla about this. I expect GTK+ 2.4 to
    expose this to the world.


    --- Tomas Frydrych <> wrote:
    > In order to provide bidi users with an easy way to
    > override the
    > Unicode bidi algorithm (and to fix bug 2742), I am
    > going to implement
    > support for the Unicode direction markers (LRM and
    > RLM), and I need
    > intuitive keyboard bindings for inserting these. I
    > have had a look
    > through the currently available bindings, and would
    > like to use Alt+>
    > and Alt+< to insert LRM and RLM respectively.
    > I want to use the '<' and '>' characters because (a)
    > they will
    > intuitive, and (b) I need keys that will be
    > available on most
    > keyboards (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), and since these
    > are basic
    > mathematical symbols I expect this should be the
    > case.
    > I want to use the Alt prefix because although we do
    > not use Ctrl+</>
    > for anything at the moment, in Word these are used
    > to
    > increase/decrease current font size, and I suspect
    > one day someone
    > might want to implement this (I find it quite
    > handy).
    > Now that you know my reasoning, if you have any
    > objections to these
    > particular bindings, or better suggestions, please
    > let me know.
    > Tomas

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