Notes on first-time building

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 01:28:10 EDT

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    I'm sure I can find most of these answers if I search
    hard enough but I think we might benefit from
    discussing it here so we can fix the build docs that
    come with AbiWord.

    I've just got my new machine and installed Windows
    2000 with Visual Studio 6 and cygwin; and Red Hat 7.3.

    First I looked for nightly source tarballs.
    Has a heading "Nightly source" but it's actually for
    nightly builds.

    I found and downloaded nightly source tarballs here:

    It's a handy site Jeremy but at least in the separate
    tarballs some things are missing. Most important is
    fribidi. But there are also other sections in CVS
    which don't have tarballs here. I didn't check the
    all-in-one tarball. You might want to check this out
    and bring it up to date.

    Marc's page here:
    also seems to be missing fribidi and other stuff from
    CVS in his "AbiWord Source Packages" section.

    I can't find any useful mention in the build docs as
    to what I need as far as fribidi - do I need a special
    version, must I use the CVS one? My Red Hat 7.3
    doesn't even seem to come with fribidi.

    I also couldn't find anything regarding freetype,
    pango, xft, and fontconfig. Do I need any special
    libraries for these? Do I need special versions? Do
    the needs differ between building on Linux/Unix and

    Is the new mingw32 build documented somewhere?
    What do I need for this build? How is it related to
    I seem to recall there being project and/or workspace
    files for Visual Studio. Did I imagine this, have
    they been removed, or where can I find them?
    Can we even currently build AbiWord within Visual
    Studio? Is the cygwin + Visual C++ compiler still
    the usual way to build under Windows or has the
    way replaced it?

    Does autogen + configure work for cygwin at all?
    Should the documentation specifically say that it
    doesn't work? nextgen seemed to work for
    "abiword-plugins" for me, but autgen didn't work for
    "abi". autogen + configure give me these errors on
     autogen : possibly undefined macro dnl
     configure : line 1: OS_RELEASE command not found
      PKG_CHECK_MODULES not defined

    make clean; make realclean; make - without using
    autogen and configure starts to work usign the VC++
    compiler but ends this way:

    make : zlib : Cannot open compiler generated file

    Building on Linux fails for me because I don't have
    fribidi yet.

    I'm sure I've overlooked some things which are in the
    documentation so please forgive me. Let's try to get
    the docs in the tarball, the docs on the website and
    the build systems in sync. Hope this is taken in the
    constructive way I meant it (:

    Also if anybody has some tips on trying to hack
    and keep somewhat up-to-date with CVS without an
    internet conneciton on my machine, I'd really
    appreciate it!

    Andrew Dunbar.


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