Re: internationalization: I can't get it to work

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 21:44:29 EDT

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     --- Raphael Finkel <> wrote:
    > I must be doing something wrong; I can't see my
    > internationalization of menus.
    > This is what I have done.
    > 1. I built built parts of a Yiddish yi-YI.po file
    > in abi/po.
    > 2. I ran yi-YI.
    > 3. In the installed directory
    > (/usr/local/share/AbiSuite/AbiWord/), I
    > built a system profile for Yiddish, with contents:

    The first problem I see is "yi-YI". The letters to
    the left of the hyphen are the ISO 639 language code,
    and those to the right are the ISO 3166 country code.
    "yi" is the language code for Yiddish but "YI" is
    not a 3166 code at all. It seems to be a FIPS country
    code for Yugoslavia.
    This is probably not what you really meant.
    If Yiddish has different national varieties you could
    use "RU" for Russia for instance. If this doesn't
    really apply to Yiddish or you're just unsure, then
    don't use a region code at all.

    But this probably won't fix your problems ):

    > <SystemDefaults
    > DocumentLocale="yi-YI"
    > RulerUnits="inch"
    > DefaultPageSize="Letter"
    > />
    > This file is in each of the following three files:
    > system.profile-yi,
    > system.profile-yi-YI, system.profile-yi-YI.utf-8.
    > I got debugging-output
    > errors from AbiWord unless I had all of them.
    > 3. In my startup script, I call AbiWord having
    > first set environment variables
    > LANG=yi_YI.utf-8, LOCALE=yi_YI
    > 4. The debugging AbiWord tells me some good news
    > and some bad news:
    > DEBUG: EncodingManager reports the following:
    > NativeEncodingName is utf-8,
    > LanguageISOName is yi,
    > Native8BitEncodingName is utf-8,
    > LanguageISOTerritory is YI, fallbackchar is '?'
    > DEBUG: Prefs: Using LOCALE info from environment
    > [en-US]
    > DEBUG: CreateMenuLabelSet: szLanguage_ en-US,
    > szLanguage en-US
    > 5. I see no Yiddish in any menu.
    > What is missing?

    Since you use yi_YI in your environment variables and
    your localized files it should work. There are two
    things I can think of.
    If the .strings file has any syntax errors such as a
    missing quote mark etc, it will fail to load though I
    would expect an error diagnostic.
    Also the toolbar strings which have been separate have
    recently been merged into the .strings file. This
    only effects HEAD builds. STABLE builds still use
    the old system.

    At the moment I'm unable to try out your setup myself
    but I will try to as soon as I can.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Raphael Finkel


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