Re: Implementing support for barbarisms correction

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 01:18:12 EDT

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     --- Jordi Mas <> wrote:
    > > I have a problem with you implementing this. In
    > > my opinion, you should create a separate
    > > dictionary (ca-ES+barbarism.hash or similar) if
    > > you don't want the words to be marked as
    > > misspelled. If you want the incorrect words to be
    > > replaced with correct ones, I suggest you write a
    > > plugin to do this similar to our spellcheck
    > > dialog. I don't want this in the main tree.

    I agreee with Dom that it should be a plugin and hence

    > Well, I think that we need a solution that marks the
    > misspelled word and offers a replacement, since that
    > what a user will expect from a spell checker.
    > I do not think that we can do this using ispell
    > since it just does not work that way.

    Ispell definitely can't do this.
    Aspell/Pspell probably can do this by "abusing" its
    "pronunciation" feature. You can provide a
    "pronunciation key" for each word in the dictionary.
    Pspell uses this key for matching possible misspelled
    words for better suggestions with really badly spelled
    words. Basically each word in the dictionary is
    accompanied by a simplified phonetic spelling where
    you use the same letter for letters which sound
    similar enough to be confused by bad spellers. In
    Spanish you would spell "b" and "v" the same for

    Now if you put the phonetic spelling for the catalan
    word to accompany the barbarisms and left out actual
    dictionary entries for the barbarisms, the suggestion
    engine would probably achieve the goal you are after.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense: read the Aspell/
    Pspell documentation for a clearer description.

    > I see this an enhancement to the spell checking
    > system and it most likely will take under 100 lines
    > code. Any particular reason that makes you think
    > this is not appropriated for our main tree?
    > Alan has suggesting that we can implement this as an
    > enhanced custom.dic for every language. It makes
    > sense to me. What do you think?

    custom.dic won't help offering catalan suggestions to
    replace correctly spelled barbarisms though.

    What we probably need to do is start designing a
    grammar checker framework, complete with a plugin
    interface for extensions, and design the barbarism
    checker as a plugin for it.

    > Dom, I think that we should discuss this more a bit
    > to see how good can it be for other languages, and
    > finally if is not useful we move it to a plugin, but
    > I think that is a bit early to say "I don't want
    > this in the main tree.".
    > Thanks Dom,
    > --
    > Jordi Mas


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