Re: AbiWord Hebrew localization

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 00:45:51 EDT

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    At 08:16 AM 9/10/02 +0100, Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    > > 3. I noticed that under Windows 2000, abiword
    > > --dumpstrings does not dump
    > > strings, neither does abiword /dumpstrings. Is
    > > this a bug or a
    > > feature?
    >That's a good question. I'm CCing the developer list
    >again since they're sure to know.

    IIRC, when Jeff originally implemented the strings mechanism, he only
    enabled the dumpstrings feature in debug builds, to trim down bloat
    slightly. I doubt that anyone's ever bothered to revisit that decision.

    Now that strings are going the way of the dodo, it's an academic question,


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