Re: commit - Move Toolbar Strings into .string files

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 17:06:54 EDT

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    On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 04:45 PM, Alan Horkan wrote:

    > for OR read AND
    > i will still be using the .strings files directly :P
    > if i can force myself to work on the Irish localisation again.
    > As i am not already familiar with gettext i dont see much benifit in
    > using it. Until you start mentioning tools like POEdit, i dont see any
    > particular benefits of using gettext (if you are not already familiar
    > with it). Perhaps someone will enlighten me.

    The fact that external tools exist for translators to use is *entirely*
    the benefit of using gettext. This will allow us to:

    1) Have translators use tools that they like and are familiar with,
    including all of their benefits
    2) Drop our .po files inside of GNOME's CVS repository a few days
    before a release. Because of #1, translators will just translate all of
    our strings for us, and then we re-merge them. Completely effortless on
    our part. Relatively easier on our translators' parts.

    Still don't see any benefit? I see 2 *HUGE* benefits.


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