Re: Hebrew in AbiWord

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 00:29:59 EDT

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    >> I asked, and am still waiting for answer:
    >> 1. Which file to take from the AbiWord installation
    >> and edit it?
    > That's a good question. I believe it's in an FAQ on
    > our site somewhere but I'm CC'in the dev list again
    > in case somebody who knows better than me can answer.
    > I think you can create a .po file and use the tools
    > that work with GNU gettext or you can make a .strings
    > file manually. But I've never done this before.

    AbiWord --dumpstrings > he-IL.strings

    Then open up emacs and start your translating!

    >> 3. What encoding should I use for the Hebrew text?
    >> While I have good guesses, I prefer to have
    >> authoritative answers.
    > Any as long as it supports all the characters you
    > need. Just pick the one you use for all your other
    > Hebrew stuff on your OS.
    > On Unix/Linux that will probably be ISO-8859-8, on
    > Windows it will probably be CP1255. If you're a big
    > fan of Unicode, you can use UTF-8.


    In some cases, one encoding works for windows, and another works for
    linux (cp1252 vs iso-8859-2 vs kior-8 anyone??). Please, if you can use
    UTF-8 (and if you use gedit, you can use UTF-8), do so.


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