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From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 00:23:10 EDT

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     --- Omer Zak <> wrote:
    > Hello Andrew,
    > > > 1. Correct handling of major paragraph direction
    > > > - version 1.0.2 still has bugs in this (I can
    > > > work around them and get
    > > > something which can be printed, but it is not
    > > > pretty).
    > >
    > > Have you filed a bug report for this one?I haven't
    > > seen one.
    > I thought that I saw that someone reported about
    > this some time ago (I am not sure if this was for
    > version 1.0.2), but I didn't find it.

    If you can't find it, file one yourself. It's a good
    idea to put Tomas on the CC list since he does the
    Hebrew and bidi work.
    If you can fidn it, vote for it or add yourself to the
    CC list, or both. Then it'll get a little more
    attention and you'll hear about it when it changes.

    > > No problem.I'm looking forward to seeing the
    > > translated strings.
    > I asked, and am still waiting for answer:
    > 1. Which file to take from the AbiWord installation
    > and edit it?

    That's a good question. I believe it's in an FAQ on
    our site somewhere but I'm CC'in the dev list again
    in case somebody who knows better than me can answer.

    I think you can create a .po file and use the tools
    that work with GNU gettext or you can make a .strings
    file manually. But I've never done this before.

    > 2. What name should I give to the file which I
    > create?

    You need to create a .strings file called

    And a label set file called

    If you use a .po file to do, it must be named

    > 3. What encoding should I use for the Hebrew text?
    > While I have good guesses, I prefer to have
    > authoritative answers.

    Any as long as it supports all the characters you
    need. Just pick the one you use for all your other
    Hebrew stuff on your OS.
    On Unix/Linux that will probably be ISO-8859-8, on
    Windows it will probably be CP1255. If you're a big
    fan of Unicode, you can use UTF-8.

    You have to put the name of the encoding in the files
    anyway so the software can convert it to Unicode

    Hope this helps, sorry for the bits I wasn't 100%
    clear with.


    > Thanks,
    > --- Omer


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