Re: ATTN: intent to release 1.1.0 based on CVS HEAD

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 06:24:47 EDT

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    Andrew Dunbar <> wrote on 9/7/2002 2:18:58 AM:
    >--- Dom Lachowicz <> wrote:
    >> FWIW, all builds are bidi capable now.
    >> Last updated Sept 4, which was probably the last
    >> time Win32 worked before I intentionally slightly
    >> broke the tree.
    >I had been assuming this one wasn't up-to-date since
    >I try it now and then and it still causes Bug 3840
    >for me. (Crashes loading World.abw) I've just
    >re-opened it...

    The nightly builds on are as uptodate
    as a pristine cvs build can be. These are the builds
    my tinderbox client [KJD] makes, so if it is green
    there should be new builds and if its red (as it
    has been for a short while) there won't be any.

    The last Sept 4 build (just binary) doesn't crash for
    me (Win 2000) loading World.abw. I don't have any of the
    extra fonts I suppose, so all of the one marked needing
    them are boxes and a few of the Hawaiian characters as well;
    and no dictionaries are available.

    >> Dom
    >> On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 11:16 PM, Andrew
    >> Dunbar wrote:
    >> > I wonder if sombebody has an up-to-date nightly
    >> build
    >> > for Windows. I really want to test a new bidi
    >> build
    >> > and it must be a complete installer version. I
    >> can't
    >> > get .exe only versions to install on the cybercafe
    >> > computers.
    >> >
    >> > Thanks. Andrew Dunbar.
    >> >

    You mean the just Abiword.exe binary doesn't run?
    The installer just copies the binary and some support
    files [help, ...], but the executable should work
    without them and that is probably a bug if it doesn't.
    What error do you get? The head builds are presently
    done with MS VC 7, so unless the cybercafe's have the
    Net or whatever supplement installed, you will need
    to also download the corresponding C runtime library
    [even to install]. I can switch it an older MS VC if
    desired (which requires the more commonly used/already
    installed C runtime library).


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