Re: ATTN: intent to release 1.1.0 based on CVS HEAD

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 18:40:46 EDT

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    > C) Uwog said "invoke the wrath of dom." I originally said, "*at the
    > risk of invoking the wrath of dom," then changed it to my new
    > favourite running gag, "*at the risk of invoking 'AbiWord II: The
    > Wrath of Dom'."

    /me pokes EAZen in his characteristic "ever not-so-subtle way"

    > D) Will there be a source option with all plugins included? That
    > would be "boffo good!"

    That would be hella sweet. Or at least some mondo-large plugin packs.
    Some plugins have limited usefulness, large external dependencies, or
    both, and as such should not be redistributed.

    > E) ACK! GNOME IS DEAD! HE SAID IT AGAIN! (yet, if you're using
    > gtk<anything>, you're using glib...)

    Perhaps *Gnome-libs* is not so dead as I once thought, but it's not
    overwhelmingly important any more. Most of the more useful bits are in
    GTK+ and friends now, and I still stand by that statement. That said, I
    plan for us to have a GNOME port by Abi version 2.0. It will have:

    1) GNOME About dialog
    2) GNOME URL opener instead of our hackish browser auto-detection
    3) Bonobo control for Abi, like 1.0.2 did
    4) Gnome Print (this may be made a requirement for the GTK+ build too)
    5) *Maybe* Bonobo container, so we can embed apps
    6) *Maybe* GConf
    7) *Maybe* a nautilus view

    All things considered, our GNOME2 port will only involve a few ifdefs
    and a few additional files, instead of the massive beast that the gnome
    1.4 port was.


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