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Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 06:57:36 EST

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    My updates for today:

          * yep. added myself.

          * added two curly braces to suppress compiler warning in
            win32 release build.
            ...\abi\src\af\util\xp\ut_decompress.cpp(178) :
                  warning C4390: ';' : empty controlled statement found;
                  is this the intent?

          * needed function 'getPieceTable()' was only enabled in debug builds.

          * bug fixed: empty paragraphs were generated
          * bugs fixed in horizontal spans
          * column widths now imported.
          * vertical spans added

    note: unfortunately the vertical spanning does not always
    work. seems to be word-version dependent if WV parses it
    correctly or not.

    Ruud Vring (
    The Netherlands.

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