Announce: AbiWord Fund Robbed

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 10:09:08 EDT

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    I'm duty bound to let you all know that the AbiWord Fund/Tip Jar has
    been robbed approximately three weeks ago. I'm telling you this now,
    rather than sooner, since I believed that Paypal would do something
    about my complaints during the interim, and that this would all be
    resolved quietly. Today, 23 days later, this does not look like it will

    Despite my repeated phone calls, emails, faxes, etc... to Paypal, I
    have not heard a response from them, let alone a positive one where
    they say "you're getting your money back." They have not even
    acknowledged my complaint tickets with so much as an automated email.

    Paypal is not a bank, so they do not operate under the same rules and
    conditions as a bank (let alone the government regulations and FDIC
    stuff), and as such, I have minimal recourse against them at the
    moment. Their silence implies to me that they are treating this matter
    as if I got mugged on the street, rather than as if someone walked into
    their bank and withdrew my money without my consent. What further
    enrages me is that someone tried to withdraw $1200 from my credit card
    the day before. Thankfully, that party failed.

    Evidence of this is

    I *do not* recommend emailing Jun Jiang, as his camera was bought
    illegally using our money. He is a victim of this too, albeit to a much
    lesser extent. I do however, recommend doing several things:

    1) Writing to Paypal, in letter, email, or fax form alerting them to
    this travesty.
    2) Calling Paypal on AbiWord's behalf.
    3) Writing or calling your Congressman/woman, pointing out that Paypal
    is acting like a bank, but not operating under formal banking laws.
    4) Boycotting Paypal because of these reasons, and the fact that their
    system is notoriously insecure, and encouraging others to do the same.

    More information on how to do so, including some horror stories are
    available at

    My username:
    Paypal transaction number: #42V44263PP357062S
    Ebay transaction number: #1383584373

    FYI, the Fund is currently at $206 instead of about $800 thanks to this
    cretin. This puts a serious damper on my hopes of re-establishing a
    bi-weekly patch prize.

    And to whomever stole nearly $600 from an OpenSource, not-for-profit
    organization's bank account to buy a lousy camera, FUCK YOU. Pond scum
    now has something to look down upon. Orphans and elderly women beware!
    Enjoy your new SONY PEG-NR70V CLI…÷ PDA /MP3/Camera


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