Re: Latest ispell commit broke the build

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Oct 20 2002 - 13:00:58 EDT

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    On Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 08:31 AM, Gabriel Gerhardsson wrote:

    > On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 11:25, Jordi Mas wrote:
    >>> Looking at ispell_checker.h, it looks as if getMapping has been
    >>> redeclared to virtual,
    >>> while the hash
    >>> downloader is still expecting a static function. Could you fix this
    >>> ASAP, Jordi? I don't
    >>> want to
    >>> step on your
    >>> toes (moreover, I'm feeling kinda lazy today).
    >> This function is longer static due to all the new needs. I think that
    >> the best
    >> is that you create an object and then call the getMapping() member.
    >> Please,
    >> can you do this? I have not your platform and I cannot test if this
    >> will work
    >> or not.
    > Fixed.
    > But why isn't there a global instantiation of ISpellChecker for every
    > frame? To have to create a new one all the time seems wasteful to me.
    > Oh
    > well.

    There's only 1 spell manager ever created. This creates 1 spell checker
    for each language used, regardless of how many frames exist.


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