Re: Please make localization work more convenient

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 23:16:05 EDT

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     --- Andrzej_Pruszyński <> wrote:
    > Hi,
    > 1. How often a file
    > is generated?
    > 2. It would be very usefull to have a such file
    > created for 10-15 selected languages.
    > Now "strings.html" is very large and I have to
    > work rather with source code then with a html file
    > (when looking for information).
    > Any improvements? (modification of the script or
    > making it available in CVS)
    > 3. Many thanks to Owen Stenseth for the script
    > generating string comparition data. There are
    > great!, very usefull for localization work.
    > Andrzej

    Actually I'd like to know a bit about it too.
    I'd like to incorporate this data into a larger table
    of AbiWord i18n/l10n stats but even with access to the
    website CVS I can't find the script, see how it gets
    its data, how it posts it, how often it runs, etc.

    I'd like to create a little more auto-generated info
    on the website to keep it up-to-date. Maybe it's in
    a cron script somewhere that I don't know about?

    Thanks - Andrew.

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