From: j.m.maurer (j.m.maurer@student.utwente.nl)
Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 09:29:39 EDT

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    To all abiword developers,

    I'm writting this message because I'm sick and tired of getting flamed
    at. Lemme explain the situation in short (Note to EAZen: please do NOT
    include this is your AWN).

    Last night Dom released abiword-1.1.0. Cause he's on a slow connection
    he asked on IRC if someone would tag the new release, create a tarball
    and upload it to SF. I volunteerd. After release-1-1-0 was tagged (not
    by me) I spent my evening getting the source from nyorp (which was quite
    slow from here) to make a tarball. After getting the all the modules and
    running autogen.sh, I created and uploaded abiword-1.1.0.tar.gz to

    When it was uploaded I found a crasher bug which made abiword useless. I
    immediatelycommitted a fix, retagged the release-1-1-0 and created a new
    abiword-1.1.0.tar.gz package. Now, since I do not have write access to
    upload.sourceforge.net and the old package was still in the way, I had
    to rename the package so I could upload it. I named it
    abiword-1.1.0-2.tar.gz. Whoever placing it in the SF files section could
    rename it or just leave the name as it was. By this time it was 5:00 AM.

    When waking up this morning, I checked my mail and found the following

    Mark Gilbert
    Re: Commit: FIX
    05 Oct 2002
    00:34:44 -0400

    On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 22:44, j.m.maurer wrote:
    > retagged & tarball uploaded to upload.sf.net (it will be there in
    > 25 minutes). Could someone move this to the files area?

    You must be absolutely insane. I am speechless. Fsck I bet even EAZen
    or Alan knows better than that. You're sending me into convulsions

    > 7967b2d75f911d39e800e973d25800cb abiword-1.1.0-2.tar.gz

    *vomits all over uwog and his passwd entries for sf and cvs, obscuring
    all three*

    > Please mind the -2 addition. The file abiword-1.1.0.tar.gz should be

    Oh believe me, I mind it. You are insane. Even me, on crack, after a
    month without sleep would not be dumb enough for an upstream relmark. I
    don't know what to say.

    > > right... we can't get more silly than this....

    (out of context) I'll say

    > > at startup by a ifdef DEBUG for endnotes...

    Not the first time. We had a couple in stable that I fixed for 1.0.3.

    > >
    > > I've committed the fix and will retag (if I can figure out how).

    Ugh. Oh dear. What are we going to do with you?

    > > that, I'll reupload a tarball (if I'm still awake)

    Did hub or dom tell you to do this? If so I'll stop whining at you, but

    Extremely flustered, going to force himself to calm down now

    >>>>>>>>> End of attached message

    I was stunned. This is not the first time pleople are flaming me for no
    appearant reason. If I'm a pain in the ass of any AbiWord developer,
    please tell me. If I'm jeopardizing the succes of AbiWord in *any* way,
    please tell me, cause that's the last thing I want to do. If the code I
    produce is of a low quality, then please, please remove my CVS access,
    and I'll send patches to this list instead for you all to review.

    I *fully* realize that I did not contribute a great deal of code to
    AbiWord, but I have great joy in contributing code to AbiWord when I can
    find the spare time to do it.

    Now, if all I get is flames from people like Mark, I'll stop working on
    AbiWord. Spending my free friday evening and night with Wendy seems way
    more sensible to me then.

      Marc Maurer.

    j.m.maurer <j.m.maurer@student.utwente.nl>

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