Re: commit: initial babarism support for ispell

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 01:39:14 EDT

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     --- Jordi Mas <> wrote: > En/na
    Dom Lachowicz ha escrit:
    > > Hi Jordi,
    > >
    > > Why is this inside the ispell checker class and
    > > not the more generic, higher-level SpellChecker
    > > class? Pspell can't take advantage of this now...
    > Talking informally with Andrew he mention that
    > PSpell had a similar feature, they I decided to move
    > it inside Ispell. However, we have not done any
    > research on this. What your suggestion on this Dom?
    > I completely open to move it where ever is more
    > convenient.

    I did notice while skimming pspell docs a week or two
    ago that it had some support for "explicit
    though they probably didn't call it that. I guess
    pspell put them right in the dictionaries but I don't
    have the reference now. If this is the case it might
    not be completely abstractable.

    Jordi, do you have a checkbox in the spelling dialog
    to turn this on and off?


    > Thanks Dom,
    > Dom: BTW, Has anybody noticed that the Windows box
    > in thinder has been red for
    > a couple of days? I looks like a build problem.
    > --
    > Jordi Mas


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