Re: Fwd: How to install TTF fonts on xft enabled builds.

From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 03:40:52 EDT

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    > Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 00:11:46 +1000 (EST)
    > From: Martin Sevior
    > Hi Folks,
    > I have RH 8.0 installed on my laptop. It's great!
    > AbiWord HEAD
    > fits in beautifully to this fontconfig enabled
    > distro.
    > One of the features of RH 8.0 is the .fonts
    > directory in every users home
    > directory. If Type 1 or TTF fonts get placed there
    > xft will automatically
    > recognize them and make them available.
    > However for AbiWord to print them we also need some
    > extra info. So my
    > question to Joaquin is: What does a users on RH 8.0
    > have to do to get a
    > new font recognized by AbiWord? Do they have to run
    > ttftool on them after
    > placing them in .fonts?

    This questions has 2 different replies.

    First, if you check the "embed fonts" checkbox in the
    print dialog box, then you don't have to do anything
    extra. Just copy your TrueType fonts or Type 1 fonts
    to your .fonts directory. If you're using a type 1
    font just check that you should also have the .afm
    file in the same directory as your .pf[ab] file.

    If you don't check the "embed fonts" when you print,
    then you should have a ghostscript that recognizes
    your fonts. ghostscript doesn't use fontconfig, so it
    has its own configuration file, where you can add your
    ~/.fonts/* files. AFAIR, you can also put the .fonts
    directory in a enviroment variable to make ghostscript
    scan the fonts in this directory, but I don't remember
    the name of the variable.

    To me, the best approach is #1. Right now, we should
    consider ghostscript as a black box, and do no
    suppositions as what are the fonts that it knows
    about. A pity, but until it changes its config file
    to fontconfig, we can't do much else (but parsing
    ghostscript config file, check its env. variables, and
    repeat the same algorithm that ghostscript uses, but
    that's a lot of work just to reduce the size of the
    .ps files).

    If you have any troubles besides these caveats,
    contact me and I will try to solve them.


    Joaquin Cuenca Abela

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