MIA: gr_Font

From: Mike Nordell (tamlin@algonet.se)
Date: Sat Nov 23 2002 - 09:23:11 EST

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    It seems all implementations of GR_Graphics::findFont do create a new font
    object and hands over the responsibility of that object to the caller.
    Obviously that function is also extremely badly named and should probably be
    globally renamed to createFont, but that's another story.

    In the constructor of FV_View we find:

     const char* pszFamily = m_pG->findFont("Times New Roman", "normal", "",
    "normal", "", "12pt")->getFamily();

    Now that's nice, isn't it. Creating a new font object and just letting it
    lie in the heap, collecting dust and bit-rot. Perhaps someone would like to
    adopt that font, or maybe even put it to sleep? No friends, no parents, no
    owners. I think it would be an act of mercy to terminate its life.


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