Commit (STABLE): Fix spell checker mem leaks.

From: Mark Gilbert (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 22:21:56 EST

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    Yesterday (day before?) I unb0rkified the spell checker by removing some
    premature frees. These were leaving the dialog to reference uninitialized
    data (aka garbage). Now, those frees were put in place to fix a mem leak
    problem (a rather significant one, especially when lots of spelling
    mistakes were made). With this commit I've replugged the leaks. The four
    sources of leakage iirc were preword word postword and suggest (suggest is
    just a small array used temporarily in building the list of suggested
    replacements, each suggested replacement for each misspelled word occupies
    it at some point or another). Better late than never I suppose.
    Keepin' it clean, green, and ungrammarific

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