Re: Commit: OOo export framework started

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 19:35:19 EST

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    > > 1) 1 Class to handle the META-INF/manifest.xml
    > > 2) 1 Class to handle Pictures/*
    > > 3) 1 Class to handle settings.xml
    > > 4) 1 Class to handle meta.xml

    > Can any of 1-4 be done in libgsf so that I can use
    > it too ?

    In some cases, this might honestly be more work than
    it's worth.

    For #3, I'm just going to dump a standard settings
    file out, since we don't do anything interesting with
    that file. For MetaData, I can do *some* work inside
    of libgsf, but it's a bit more work than that. We'll
    see how this goes. #1 should be possible inside of
    libgsf, seeing that it's mainly just a ls_R, excluding
    anything named "META-INF". #2 isn't worth pushing up,

    I'll build these things inside of AbiWord first, and
    then we'll evaluate whether they should be pushed up
    to gsf or not. k?


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