Re: AbiWord 1.0.4_pre1 "Unofficial official" there for the wgetting

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 09:55:59 EST

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    En/na Kenneth J.Davis ha escrit:

    > Mark Gilbert wrote on 11/16/2002 6:59:14 PM:
    > >Eat up, boys!
    > >
    > >Insanely yours
    > >-MG
    > Windows builds for those who want to test are available at
    > (nonbidi uploaded, bidi version will be uploaded after its built;
    > note these builds include the tiny patch I just committed;
    > sorry no plugins, I haven't the time to build them tonight. )

    Good job.

    Here are my comments:

    - The license is not shown properly during the installation process. See

    - The fixes for the bugs for 3773 and 4025 are not ported to stable I do not
    know if Hubert has already done that. My suggestion is to apply them in STABLE
    since they fix important problems with the keyboard

    - I think that time ago someone mention that we were going to include the
    AbiMagick pluggin. I do not remeber is a decission was finally amde. A part of
    the obvious features and problems (this will make the finally installer
    bigger), this will enable pasting BMP files, something quite natural under win32.

    For the rest, it looks OK to me.


    Jordi Mas


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