Some questions for AbiWord developers from reporter

From: Andrew Leonard (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 14:00:05 EST

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    One of the AbiWord developers suggested that I post my queries to the
    abiword-dev list -- I hope this message doesn't distract too much from the
    work you are doing here.

    I'm a reporter for who has been covering free software and
    open-source software for a number of years. Recently, after having been
    distracted by editing duties for two years, I became interested in the
    growing buzz around the maturation of open-source desktop productivity apps.
    I took a look at AbiWord, which I had first heard about at LinuxWorld in

    I am extremely impressed at the progress. I'm writing a column about AbiWord
    for Salon, and rather than focus too much on producing a straight product
    review, I'm more interested in getting a snapshot of the development
    process. AbiWord seems to have a relatively small group of regular
    developers who are making steady progress in a hugely important (for most
    normal computer users) area.

    I'd like to know how individual developers came to work on AbiWord, why,
    what their particular areas of expertise are, and what they think the main
    challenges to moving forward are.

    Rather than clutter up the list, it would probably be best if responses were
    sent directly to me,, but I'll leave that to your

    Andrew Leonard
    Senior editor
    Salon Technology & Business
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