Re: commit: abi (STABLE): more XHTML export work

From: PSA (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 16:21:25 EST

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    > (The CSS2 spec. suggests
    > that it is possible to fix this, but I haven't figured that out so
    > far.)

    Late to the party here, but FWIW the functionality needed to make lists
    show up the way they do in Abi (counters) was removed in CSS2.1:

    Opera is the only browser I know of that supports this, and I think
    that the others are waiting to see what happens in CSS3.

    Without counters, the only way to override this behavior is to set the
    li tags in question to display:block-level and script in the numbers
    with javascript.

    Probably not worth implementing with counters (as suggested in the CSS2
    spec) or with javascript, though.


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