Re: commit: More printing fixes for xft.

From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 12:41:29 EST

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    Sorry for non giving any live signal for a while, I
    was on a trip.

    I've just read the whole xft printing problems. I've
    not dig into the problem, but printing with the xft
    build was working when I left it, but that was before
    the unification of units by thomas, so maybe that
    stopped working there.

    I don't know where come the problems with embedding
    fonts. Embedding fonts (TT & PS) was also working
    when I last touched it.

    The problem about the status bar not working with
    double buffering is there because xft calls (as any
    non gdk primitives) don't get diverted to the double
    buffer, so all the things that we draw in a double
    buffered GdkWindow using non gdk calls are covered by
    the double buffer when gdk copies it on the GdkWindow
    at the end of the expose event (you can see it that's
    the problem with the status bar if it flicker a very
    little bit before it disappears).

    We should instead draw the text to the GdkDrawable
    that's being used by gdk to do the double buffer (you
    can get the real GdkDrawable using
    gdk_window_get_internal_paint_info(...) )

    Hope that it helps,


    Joaquin Cuenca Abela
    e98cuenc at yahoo dot com

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