Re: Albanian strings almost ready.

From: Christian Biesinger (
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 07:25:57 EST

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    besnik bleta wrote:
    > Anyone could tell me - (as
    > they did when I asked a couple of weeks ago)- which of those need to be
    > translated

    All of them except Piece Table. BCC can probably be left untranslated
    as well.

    > and I would greatly apprecciate any explanation about the
    > meaning of the strings which need to be translated.

    OK, I'll do my best.

    > #. DLG_FR_MatchCase
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:79
    > msgid "&Match case"
    > msgstr ""

    In the Search/Replace dialog, there's a label "Match Case". If checked,
    the case of the search string must match the one of the text exactly to
    be found.

    > #. DLG_Lists_Current_List_Label
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:291
    > msgid "Current List Label"
    > msgstr ""

    Huh, this is strange. A grep shows that it's never used.

    > #. DLG_Lists_Current_List_Type
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:293
    > msgid "Current List Type"
    > msgstr ""

    Same for this one.

    > #. DLG_Lists_Hand_List
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:401
    > msgid "Hand List"
    > msgstr ""

    Not sure what this is used for, should be in the Lists dialog but I
    can't find it there.

    > #. DLG_Para_SpecialHanging
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:403
    > msgid "Hanging"
    > msgstr ""

    This is used in a dropdown list in the paragraph attributes dialog for
    handing indentation; that seems to be that the first line of the text is
    further left than the rest (but I'm not sure, could someone confirm this?)

    > #. DLG_Options_Label_ViewTooltips
    > #: po/tmp/ap_String_Id.h.h:785
    > msgid "View tooltips"
    > msgstr ""

    This is for the checkbox controlling whether Tooltips should be shown.
    Tooltips are the pieces of information shown when hovering over toolbar

    > #. DLG_UFS_SmallCapsCheck
    > #: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:343
    > msgid "Small Caps"
    > msgstr ""

    Small Caps is the format where all letters are displayed in upper case,
    but the "real" upper case letters get a larger font. (technically, maybe
    the lower case get a smaller instead, don't know)

    > #. LANG_0
    > #: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:459
    > msgid "no proofing"
    > msgstr ""

    This is from the language selection dialog (I think). If "no proofing"
    is selected, no spellchecking will be done.

    > #. DLG_Unit_pico
    > #: po/tmp/xap_String_Id.h.h:461
    > msgid "pica"
    > msgstr ""

    Pica is a typographic unit.
    explains it.

    Fiat iustitia, pereat mundus.

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