Re: DELETEP, FREEP, and friends

From: Paul Fredrickson (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 17:08:37 EDT

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    You are correct, so the check is not necessary, but I think it would still
    be good to use the macro because double-deleting a pointer is still not ok.
    Using DELETEP(ptr) twice is fine. Then again, deleting from two independent
    (unrelated?) places usually means there's an ownership problem.

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    > > In short, the whole reason we created those macros was to ensure that
    > > all delete, free, etc. calls did all of the nice null-sanity work
    > > you'd usually want. Thus instead of typing the risky:
    > >
    > > delete m_pHeaderSL;
    > >
    > Correct me if I am mistaken, but the c++ operator is designed to
    > handle NULLs, so it is not really necessary to this kind of a check;
    > its a different story with free though, isn't it?
    > > motto -- a little macro goes a long, long way
    > a little macro can also obscure code an awfull "long" :-).
    > Tomas

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