aiksaurus plugin stable branch

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 21:04:44 EDT

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    Hi all,

    Either I did not properly get the stable branch from
    cvs or a fix to the aiksaurus plugin was never applied
    to the stable branch. I can't tell from bonsai as
    it seems to show the same logs/diffs regardless of
    if I browse using Mine (head I think) or Stable release tree
    (which I assume is the 1.0 stable branch).

    Could someone tell me if the fix Dom applied ( Rev 1.16
    of abiword-plugins/tools/aiksaurus/xp/AiksaurusABI.cpp )
    to fix the crasher in bug 3278 was applied to the stable
    branch? If it was, could someone tell me the proper
    method to get the stable branch from cvs, and if it
    wasn't, could someone apply it before the 1.0.2 release?

    (The patch changes 'search' from defaulting to NULL to
     defaulting to an empty string "" so a conversion
     from char * to string doesn't cause a crash.)

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Davis

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