Re: screenshot of ugly fonts

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 11:56:01 EDT

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    > what i do with a fresh install of Abiword.. is clear the font
    > directory, and make symlinks from my ghostscript fonts to that
    > directory, then i make symlinks from my X TTF folder to the abiword
    > folder. then i delete fonts.* and run ttmkfdir then mkfontdir. granted
    > i dont have all lower case... does nayoen have a script for doing
    > that? the fonts all work fine under the X font server. oh and i also
    > add the AbiWord fonts dir into the X font server list and restart X
    > and the font server.... but i always get an error about cour.afm
    > font... which is not surprising as the ttf one does not end with afm,
    > but is called "Arial.TTF"

    You have not run ttftool on the fonts, preferably using the script. The whole process of installing ttf fonts is
    documented in detail in the AbiWord online help.

    Also, you must not delete the default *.u2g files that are contained
    in the AW font pack.


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