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From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 09:26:46 EDT

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    --- Sam Halliday <> wrote:
    > > > i can't seem to be able to just
    > > > delete the ones in the
    > > > distribution and replace with my own ghostscript
    > > > ones....
    > > Are you not able? What are your problems? I'm
    > able
    > > to use truetype fonts and type 1 fonts here. I
    > > concede that several can go wrong (for instance,
    > if
    > > you have fonts that don't have a lowercase
    > extension),
    > > but it's doable.
    > > Can you give us more details, please?
    > sure, if anyone wants me to move this discussion off
    > the list... don't
    > hesitate to ask... i've been told off before for
    > moving things off the
    > list and now i wait until somebody asks...
    > what i do with a fresh install of Abiword.. is clear
    > the font directory,
    > and make symlinks from my ghostscript fonts to that
    > directory, then i
    > make symlinks from my X TTF folder to the abiword
    > folder. then i delete
    > fonts.* and run ttmkfdir then mkfontdir. granted i
    > dont have all lower
    > case... does nayoen have a script for doing that?
    > the fonts all work
    > fine under the X font server. oh and i also add the
    > AbiWord fonts dir
    > into the X font server list and restart X and the
    > font server.... but i
    > always get an error about cour.afm font... which is
    > not surprising as
    > the ttf one does not end with afm, but is called
    > "Arial.TTF"

    I think abiword is not able to use your ttf fonts
    because they have an uppercase extension (I just fixed
    this problem with my xft patch, but I think that there
    is a second assumption like this one in the code that
    I've not yet fixed).

    something as:

    for i in *.TTF; do mv $i `echo $i | sed -e
    's/\.TTF/.ttf/g'`; done

    should do the work (the script is untested, so do a
    copy of your fonts before executing it!).


    Joaquin Cuenca Abela

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