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From: Sam Halliday (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 09:25:01 EDT

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    > > i can't seem to be able to just
    > > delete the ones in the
    > > distribution and replace with my own ghostscript
    > > ones....
    > Are you not able? What are your problems? I'm able
    > to use truetype fonts and type 1 fonts here. I
    > concede that several can go wrong (for instance, if
    > you have fonts that don't have a lowercase extension),
    > but it's doable.
    > Can you give us more details, please?

    sure, if anyone wants me to move this discussion off the list... don't
    hesitate to ask... i've been told off before for moving things off the
    list and now i wait until somebody asks...

    what i do with a fresh install of Abiword.. is clear the font directory,
    and make symlinks from my ghostscript fonts to that directory, then i
    make symlinks from my X TTF folder to the abiword folder. then i delete
    fonts.* and run ttmkfdir then mkfontdir. granted i dont have all lower
    case... does nayoen have a script for doing that? the fonts all work
    fine under the X font server. oh and i also add the AbiWord fonts dir
    into the X font server list and restart X and the font server.... but i
    always get an error about cour.afm font... which is not surprising as
    the ttf one does not end with afm, but is called "Arial.TTF"


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