Re: RFC: XML markup

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 14:55:58 EDT

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    At 05:30 PM 5/26/02 +0100, Tomas Frydrych wrote:
    >As a next stage in the work on revisions I will be implementing a
    >mechanism for hiding arbitrary portions of the document. As a
    >pleasant side effect this will give us the ability to support text
    >formatted as "hidden".

    Excellent! That's a useful feature, and should be easily toggled via a
    checkbox in the Options dialog.

    >If any of the XML gurus could let me know
    >what the the property/values for marking text as hidden should be
    >called, I would appreciate it.

    Where possible, we tend to reuse relevant CSS properties, so IIRC this would
    become "display:none" to indicate hidden text. See the spec for what the
    default case is.


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