Re: Feedback from tucows.

From: David Chart (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 13:54:28 EDT

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    On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 03:28, Martin Sevior wrote:
    > Hi Folks,
    > I recently submitted the windows version of AbiWord to
    > for inclusion in it's download site.
    > It appears that we could significantly enhance our rating with
    > some additional user help tools.
    > These would be:
    > Tips on start up.
    > Tutorial.
    > emebdded IRC client.

    >From my reading of the criteria, a tutorial would get us one point, and
    it's a project on the same scale as tables.

    It's coming, but not for the sake of Tucows. Also, I think we should
    have got one more point for installer, since the installer installs the
    help docs. Are you allowed to clarify why our current state doesn't get
    the extra point? That might be something easy to fix that I can do quite

    David Chart

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