system.profile-fi-FI for Finnish (2nd attempt)

From: Ismo J. Makinen (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 18:20:11 EDT

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    It seems that system.profile-fi-FI for Finnish was newer committed.
    See the following original message:

    I am sorry that I didn't find this before, I had manually edited
    my AbiWord.Profile and didn't recognise this omission.
    I did find out after I completely uninstalled my previous
    AbiWOrd version and noticed that the new version installer didn't
    add this profile file.

    Version 0.9.5 release notes (incorrectly) mentions my
    profile contribution. Luckily the later versions don't mention
    my name. Should this false credit be somehow corrected?

    Here we go again:
    The original winzipped attachment included (again).
    Pretty please - someone - commit this file.

    PS. I recently downloaded from
    the latest end-user AbiWord windows version
    Normal AbiWord: Setup.exe (Updated: 2002-05-21, MD5: n/a, .map)
    I found out that it was very unstable. As soon as you started to
    write text after the new command Tools/Revisions/Mark revisions while
    typing AbiWord just quit without any error messages. The worst part
    was, however, that when you tried to use other locales than
    en-US (I tried fi-FI, sv-SE, da-DK) many dialogue buttons were
    without label text, for example all Cancel and OK buttons were
    just empty buttons. They seemed to work though. Also when you tried
    to select language the language list was empty, but when you
    scrolled almost to the end of this empty window you could see
    some language names. File/Properties was there but the dialogue
    wasn't implemented.
    I just mention this in view of the soon (?) to be released 1.0.2.

    Ismo Mäkinen

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