Bugs bugs bugs and AWN

From: Alan Horkan (horkana@tcd.ie)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 07:41:47 EDT

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    > CLOSED: This state should only be used for Bugs that should never have
    been filed originally, or for issues that are obsoleted

    Hub explained to me that i should not close most bugs anymore, except
    maybe after a major release. I am glad you clarified that.

    But the AWN lists the most active QA Helpers based on people who CLOSE
    bugs. I just figure i should have have been listed in the past few weeks
    as i have been doing some bits and pieces (several QA verify and at least
    one CLOSE) in bugzilla but still i dont appear on the QA helpers list even
    when it is not full.

    So, i think there are problems with whatever query you are using to
    calculate this and it needs to be revised for the latest bugzilla and i
    really should be studying hard now and mess around in bugzilla later.

    Alan Horkan

    I hate exams

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