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From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 14:56:57 EDT

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    I have completely redesigned the class for parsing and
    manipulating a revision attribute; the pp_Revision.cpp/h now
    contains two new classes:

    PP_Revision: encapsulates a single revision described by
    sequential id, revision type, and property string; it provides access
    methods and a method for merging property strings

    PP_RevisionAttr: encapsulates a revision attribute made up of a
    number of revisions and provides access, manipulation and
    evaluation methods.

    The attribute string uses the following syntax (items in [] are

        <c revision="R1[,R2,R3, ...]">some text</>

    where R1, etc., are formed along these patterns

        [+]n[{props}] -- addition with optional format changes
         -n -- deletion
         !n{props} -- change of format only

    The special case of 'addition with format changes' is handled for the
    sake of completeness and debugging, but it should never make it
    into the saved file, rather the props should be merged with the
    regular properties of that fragment.

    This is mainly food for thought, I find that by actually writting the
    code it is easier to see what the issues are.


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