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From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 11:50:11 EDT

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    This is certainly a little bit off the main point of this thread, but I
    find myself getting confused. When I think of "revision" I think of two
    possible meanings:

       * the one this thread is about -- a group of people reviewing a
    document and proposing revisions and corrections, and the subsequent
    acceptance of one of possibly several conflicting revisions
       * the thing that an individual might do to his own document in the
    course of writing / editing

    Does anyone else have the same confusion and any suggestions about how
    to deal with it? Is there some different terminology we should use for
    one or the other?

    Note: I looked back at Paul Rohr's email on "local vs. sequenced
    revisions" from a few days ago, where he separates things on the
    following basis:

    1. how/when to detect/flag all changes in a single version
    2. how to represent changes from multiple versions simultaneously

    But that doesn't immediately sound like the same confusion I'm
    describing (although maybe it is -- if so, the description does not
    immediately resolve my confusion).

    I didn't use the group "reviewing" features very often in Word(97), but
    I made a quick pass at reminding myself of the terminology they use.
    The only things I found (with a quick glance) are:

       * Word calls the toolbar that supports these features the "reviewing"
       * one of the common steps in starting a review is selecting "Send To"
    --> "Routing Recipient" on the menus

    neither of which seem to provide any great insight or clue to better

    Randy Kramer

    Tomas Frydrych wrote:
    > After thinking some more about what David said, I suggest we
    > introduce a single new attribute called revision which would look
    > something like

    ---<good stuff snipped>---

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