Re: Commit: Unix Properties Dialog

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 18:17:22 EDT

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    seems a bit narrow
    and a bit too tall

    it is 512 pixels high which will be a major pain in the ass for me on my
    400x600 display and even then that is not including the space taken up by
    the menubar. (i wish i had spent the extra few quid and gotten a decent
    monitor but anyway)

    i dont know what plans you have to add more properties or allow custom
    user definded feilds at a later date but maybe you will split the dialog
    up into a tabbed panel.
    I actually think the way Microsoft word does this is quite well done.

    Alan Horkan

    On 15 May 2002, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

    > Date: 15 May 2002 17:51:05 -0400
    > From: Dom Lachowicz <>
    > To: AbiWord Developer List <>
    > Subject: Commit: Unix Properties Dialog
    > The Meta-Data dialog. Screenshot attached. Needs some polish, but it's
    > pretty darn good for what it is. Will add custom properties later.
    > NB: Not translatable. Will do that tomorrow.
    > NB: Only GTK+, no GNOME
    > NB: I didn't stub other platforms. Will do that in a few minutes. Sorry
    > for breaking your builds...
    > Dom

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