Re: Re: Some stuff I would like to do later this week

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 01:33:40 EDT

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    According to <>:
    > I haven't worked on it in a few months, so I need to
    > update it to match, but last time I tried the patches
    > were simply to add DOS as a platform where platform
    > specific #defines are.
    > e.g.
    > +# DOS (DJGPP i386/Allegro)
    > +ifeq ($(OS_NAME), DOS)
    > +include $(ABI_ROOT)/src/config/platforms/
    > +endif
    > +
    > and a couple add __DOS__ to some define sections e.g.
    > -#if !defined(WIN32) && !defined(__BEOS__) && !defined(__QNX__) && !defined(__APPLE__)
    > +#if !defined(WIN32) && !defined(__BEOS__) && !defined(__QNX__) && !defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(__DOS__)
    > So far I've only had to patch 5 files, and I have a
    > chunk of the platform classes stubbed with a few
    > implemented (based mostly on a mixture of the Windows
    > and Unix sources, whichever is more appropriate).

    Please submit a patch first to see what impact it currently has before
    having a chance to commit it. What you describes sounds OK.

    Note that only patches against HEAD will be accepted.


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