From: Dom Lachowicz (doml@appligent.com)
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 14:13:13 EDT

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    S, actually. Martin and I had a little time to talk this over, and we
    both came to the decision that Hub & mg working together would be a
    teriffic release management team. No, this isn't a compromise. These two
    guys have some tremendous talents, and many of their talents don't
    overlap and are quite complementary.

    Over the years Hub has shown that he is excellent at coding, backporting
    patches, bugfixing, keeping bugzilla in check, servers up, managing
    developers, and setting good milestone releases. MG has shown that he is
    a huge advocate of the project and quite willing to SPAM the world in
    our favor. He's a stickler for getting releases right, and throttles
    people until they make binary releases. Together, I think that this team
    is unstoppable and a perfect match for the 1.0 development cycle.

    Hub has said that he is ok with this proposal. MG, what do you think? If
    you agree, you and Hub will be co-maintainers working together.


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