Re: design question -- localized metadata?

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 12:02:35 EDT

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    At 11:44 AM 5/14/02 -0400, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
    >I've actually already thought of this. Document standard metadata (the
    >list of props I proposed already) will be in ENGLISH. Custom metadata
    >stuff can be localized by the author. If you choose to put an an
    >"Auteur" tag in French, it would be different semantically than the
    >"Author" tag. The alternative is non-exchangable documents, which is
    >what you get from #1. I'm set on #2. In the dialog, you will see
    >"Auteur", "Sujet", "Titre" but you will be setting properties called
    >"Author", "Subject", "Title".

    Bingo. That seemed obvious to me too, but I was embarrassed that I'd left
    it out of my original email. Thanks for the confirmation.

    So our various XML parsers *will* allow us to store localized keynames as
    attributes of the M tag? I don't care if someone using an ASCII editor to
    browse our file format sees line noise like:

      <m name="%^*&%*">$%&^$^$ %^*??...</m>

    I just want to make sure that we've designed the file format such that we
    can (eventually) store and extract those keys and values so they display
    properly for our Inuktitut, Devangari, etc. users.

    But hey, you're probably all over that already, right? :-)

    motto -- great minds think alike

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