Re: Hancom Office 2.01 for Linux (fwd)

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 17:36:22 EDT

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    On Mon, 13 May 2002, Paul Rohr wrote:

    > Alan,
    > Since Bart offered to help us, why not ask *them* to find someone to write
    > the import/export plugins for their file format? ;-)

    I was impressed that they were so receptive in the first place. They may
    be a Linux vendor but Hancom Word is proprietary software. I am not going
    to push my luck. When I am representing just myself I will be a smart ass
    but i make a concerted effort to be polite when i am representing the
    Abiword community.

    And if I did as you suggest I would also have to file a bug in Abiword
    saying the Abiword developers should go and add .abw export to OpenOffice
    and KWord (and similarly that the developers should help
    improve our support).

    > Paul,
    > agent provocateur

    Paul i assume you are unaware that Agent Provocateur is a chain of
    underwear stores in the UK.


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