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From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 16:57:17 EDT

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    Eric Park <> can provide you with the necessary
    information towards import/export of Hancom Word Documents.

    After reading a recent interview with Bart Decrem about Hancom Office i
    decided to follow up on his comments and get in touch.

    See the messages below.

    Alan Horkan

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    Date: 10 May 2002 14:12:24 +0900
    From: Bart Decrem <>
    To: Alan Horkan <>
    Cc: Eric Park <>
    Subject: Re: Hancom Office 2.01 for Linux (fwd)

    Hi Alan,

    I don't think our file format is currently XML-based. I am working with
    our engineering team to review our file format and the ways in which we
    import/export Microsoft Office documents, to see if there's ways we can
    more effectively work together with the open source community and
    projects such as Abiword (which I think is a terrific word processor, by
    the way).

    Eric Park,, the product manager for Hancom Office will
    be happy to help you obtain the information you need to import and/or
    export Hancom Word documents. Let me know if you ever need an extra
    hand - as a long-time member of the GNOME community, I want to make sure
    we help you guys.

    Please contact Eric directly.


    Bart Decrem

    2002-05-08 ╝÷ 23:17, Alan Horkan░í └█╝║:
    > Several weeks ago you took part in an article for Linux and main and it
    > was brought to the attention of the Abiword developers.
    > You mention in the interview how interested you are by XML file formats,
    > and i am sure you are aware that Abiword uses an XML file format.
    > We do not know if Hancom Office uses an XML file format yet but whether it
    > does or not it would very much appreciated if you could provide
    > documentation of the Hancom file format to allow Abiword to become
    > compatible with your file formats. The Abiword developers are intersted
    > in supporting interoperability with Hancom Office and are well impressed
    > by your multilanguage support.
    > I encourage you to check out the website and get in touch with the
    > developers either on the mailinglist or on IRC
    > #abiword
    > Sincerely
    > Alan Horkan
    > Open Source Activist,
    > Cross Platform Software Enthusiast,
    > Undergraduate Computers Student.
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    > Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:53:54 +0200
    > From: Hubert Figuiere <>
    > To: AbiWord <>
    > Subject: Re: Hancom Office 2.01 for Linux
    > According to Alan Horkan <>:
    > >
    > >
    > > Hancom Linux are targeting the Arab market.
    > If someone could get his hands on their file format document, then it
    > would be a new target for our plugins.
    > Hub

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